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Impacts of ocean acidification on marine seafood

Impacts of ocean acidification on marine seafood
Trevor Branch (SAFS), Liza Ray (SAFS), Bonnie DeJoseph (SEMA), and
Cherie Wagner (SMEA)
A review of the effects of ocean acidification that arose from
graduate student participants in the 2011 Bevan Series on Sustainable
Seafood has just been published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution.
Ocean acidification is a series of chemical reactions due to
increased CO2 emissions. 

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Black Abalone Dating Service

Are you a lonely black abalone, seeking a nearby abalone of the opposite sex to spawn near and reproduce with?  If that’s the case, you’re not alone!
Check out SAFS graduate student Brianna Blaud’s Project on Black Abalone which is part of the #SciFund Challenge. Brianna has just surpassed the 50% funding level from 20 contributions and there are 7 days left to go! 

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FISH441 Class Research Published

In this month’s issue of the Journal of Shellfish Research, results from a research project carried out in the lab section of FISH441: Integrative Environmental Physiology was published. David Metzger and Paul Pratt (now both SAFS alum) are primary authors on the paper entitled: Characterizing the Effects of Heavy Metal and Vibrio Exposure on Hsp70 Expression in Crassostrea gigas Gill Tissue. 

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A Dark Cloud and a Silver Lining for the World’s Fisheries

SAFS Professor Ray Hilborn was co-author of “a new study [revealing] that small, unassessed fisheries are in even worse shape than we thought. But the research also provides hope that smarter management could stop the bleeding—and provide more sustainable seafood.”

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