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Fueled by Floods

Along the Mekong River in Cambodia, UW researchers are racing to determine how hydropower dams will impact the supplies of rice and fish — and the communities who rely on them.

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Our students learn by doing

Our students engage in hands-on learning, in the classroom, in the lab and in the field. They are guided by faculty with specialties across multiple disciplines.

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We partner with all stakeholders

We work with regional, national and international groups to find science-based solutions that preserve aquatic systems and surrounding communities.

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Salmon Held

Our research addresses today’s challenges

We conduct basic and applied research using the newest tools and technology to address our changing climate and its impact on aquatic systems.

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Explore our Programs

SAFS students work alongside talented peers and faculty to engage in a rigorous and inclusive learning environment. Join us to connect with some of the best minds and immerse yourself in cutting-edge scientific research.

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Meet Our Faculty

Our faculty are committed leaders with broad academic expertise and interests. With access to a network of local, national and international leaders, we contribute influential research on topics ranging from organisms, populations, ecosystems, to human users of aquatic ecosystems.

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André Punt

SAFS Newsletter – Spring / Summer 2019 Director’s Message

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the first e-issue of the SAFS newsletter in many years. This e-version allows us to include much more material than our printed issues, which is great because there is always a lot going on at SAFS. 

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Corals and kelp.

Coral reefs shifting away from equator, new study finds

Coral reefs are retreating from equatorial waters and establishing new reefs in more temperate regions, according to new research published July 4 in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series. The researchers found that the number of young corals on tropical reefs has declined by 85% — and doubled on subtropical reefs — during the last four decades.

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Spring 2019 Awards

Each year, our students, faculty and staff win regional, national, and international awards. Please join us in congratulating the latest group of award winners. 

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