For more than 100 years, the School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences (SAFS) has contributed towards the basic understanding and science of aquatic and fishery resources, helping to determine how to best manage those resources for present and future generations.

Donations to SAFS provide critical support for our students, faculty, and staff. In recent years, contributions have allowed us to increase the number of scholarship awards to our graduate and undergraduate students and to support research and field projects that not only enrich our students’ academic life but also better prepare them for careers in the discipline (see our Endowments page for examples of various funds).

SAFS Funds

You can make a contribution to SAFS through various funds detailed below.

SAFS Centennial Boots in the Mud Endowed Fund for Students

In celebration of the School’s Centennial in 2019, this fund was established to provide financial support to SAFS undergraduate and graduate students to cover the costs of materials, equipment, and travel expenses directly associated with SAFS Boots in the Mud immersive learning opportunities.

SAFS Students First Fund

A UW initiative resulted in a matching scholarship program—Students First—that provides financial support for undergraduate and graduate students. These scholarships are awarded based on financial need for up to four years per student. The SAFS Alumni Students First Endowment provides a 50 percent match from the UW for gifts of $100,000 and above. The $100,000 minimum can be made up of multiple gifts from any number of people in a “consortium.”

Director’s Fund for Excellence in Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

Provides unrestricted funding for use by the SAFS Director to address emerging research and teaching needs, student funding, special projects, and other school priorities.

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Additional Funds

The University has set up other ways to give through fellowships and joint funds as well. Visit the UW Giving page.

The Lee Alverson Memorial Fund

This fund provides an annual award to graduate students from the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs and the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences.

Alaska Salmon Program Fund

This fund is for research and projects of the Alaska Salmon Program, which supports three major field stations in the Bristol Bay area. These field stations maintain long-term ecological data sets spanning 45–100 years and offer invaluable insight into the responses of salmon to climate change.

Lobo Orensanz Fund

In memory of SAFS alumnus, Lobo Orensanz, this fund provides broad-based direct financial support to undergraduate and graduate students in SAFS.

College of the Environment Funds

For information on giving at the college level, please see: College of the Environment. For further information, please contact Dave Iyall at or 206-221-0906.

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