We work together to protect our world's aquatic systems through high caliber teaching, research, service, and partnerships.

Founded in 1919, the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) is dedicated to sustaining healthy marine and freshwater environments. Our faculty conduct innovative research from the organism to the ecosystem scale and are recognized leaders in aquatic biology, sustainable fisheries management, aquatic resource conservation, and resource management. We study natural systems and diverse species and present solutions to foster the sustainable use of aquatic resources.

Central to our work is the study of human-induced impacts on ecosystems, such as habitat change and restoration, climate change, and effects of invasive species.

We offer a vibrant and collaborative learning environment and excel in providing a multifaceted education that ranges from genetics and physiology to natural resource management and fisheries economics.

Our School is frequently ranked first in our discipline, attracting students from across the United States and the world. Our proximity to pristine marine and freshwater systems and their biodiversity provides students with abundant opportunities to explore and learn in the field, in the lab, and in the classroom.

SAFS welcomes students to join our community. We offer a Bachelor of Science and a minor in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences and two graduate degrees: a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy.

Our mission at SAFS is to excel in providing multidisciplinary and experiential learning for undergraduate and graduate students interested in aquatic environments, to conduct groundbreaking research on topics pertinent to understanding and managing these environments, and to communicate our findings to regional, national, and international audiences.


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