SAFS students, faculty and staff are immensely fortunate to have benefited from numerous endowments over the years. Our school’s programmatic flexibility and creativity is testimony to the incredible support provided by our alumni and friends. Endowments enable us to attract the best graduate applicants, support undergraduate research, fund faculty and student programs, upgrade equipment and facilities, and leverage other funding sources through matching funds. In many cases, undergraduate and graduate studies would not be possible without the longstanding generosity of these endowments.

SAFS Students First Endowment

We are pleased to announce the formation of the SAFS Students First Endowment, which will provide up to four years of support to our students based on financial need. We look forward to listing recipients of this award here in the future.

Through the links provided below, we acknowledge the students who have benefited from School endowments and especially our many benefactors: Your contributions are all important to the ongoing vitality of the School, and we thank you for your interest and generosity.

Melvin G. Anderson Scholarship in Fisheries

ARCS Fellowship

Janet and David Armstrong SAFS Faculty Endowment for Student Support

Donald E. Bevan Fund in Fisheries

Wilbert McLeod Chapman Memorial Scholarship

John N. Cobb Scholarship in Fisheries

Herbert T. Domenici Scholarship

Lauren R. Donaldson Scholarship

Claire L. and Evelyn S. Egtvedt Fellowship

Floyd E. Ellis Memorial Scholarship

James and Joy Ellis Scholarship in Fisheries

Faculty Merit Award

Fisheries Memorial Scholarship

Fisheries Miscellaneous Scholarship

Kiyoshi G. Fukano Memorial Endowment

Jack D. Geil Memorial Scholarship

Dewitt Gilbert Fisheries-Journalism Scholarship

Dorothy T. Gilbert Ichthyology Research Fund

Graduate Top Scholar Award

John E. Halver Fellowship

Institute for Food Science and Technology

Theodor Jacobsen, Jr. and Sr. Fisheries Scholarship

Roy Jensen Research Fellowship

Dr. and Mrs. Hiroshi Kasahara Endowment

H. Mason Keeler Endowments

  • Lake Washington Fund in Fisheries
  • Endowed Scholarship in Fisheries
  • Endowment for Excellence
  • Professorship in Sports Fisheries Management

Marsha Landolt and Robert Busch Scholarship

Vincent Liguori Fellowship

Shao-Wen Ling Memorial Scholarship

Victor and Tamara Loosanoff Fellowship

Galen and Helen Maxfield Fisheries Scholarship

Gilbert B. Pauley Award

Gerald J. Paulik Memorial Fund

John G. Peterson Scholarship

William H. Pierre, Sr. Fellowship

Edward Allen Power Scholarship in Fisheries

John Quistorff Fund in Fisheries

Robert E. Resoff Scholarship

SAFS Alumni Student First Endowed Scholarship Fund

Oscar Skau Student Research Fund

Samuel and Althea Stroum Endowment

W.F. Thompson Scholarship

Richard Van Cleve Memorial Scholarship

Lowell A. Wakefield Endowed Professorship in Ocean & Fishery Sciences

Richard T. Whiteleather Fisheries Endowed Scholarship

Richard C. and Lois M. Worthington Professorship in Fisheries Management

Walter Yonker Memorial Fund


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