We welcome visits from prospective students and SAFS friends! If you’re a prospective student, email or call us and set up a time to meet with an adviser to discuss the program and to ask questions about the UW, Seattle, applying for admission, etc. If you’d like to sit in on a class, take a look at the current time schedule to identify classes you want to attend. Faculty welcome visitors, though we request you email the faculty instructor before your arrival to ensure the visit doesn’t coincide with exams or field trips.

While you’re here, we encourage you to take a campus tour, offered by the UW almost every weekday and most Saturdays. Or you can take a virtual tour online. SAFS staff does not offer individual guided tours of our facilities. View a map of the University of Washington campus.

Getting to SAFS

The School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences is located at 1122 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA 98105.

map of south campus where the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences is located

Directions From I-5

  1. Exit 45th St going east (turn left from I-5 southbound, right from I-5 northbound).
  2. Turn south (right) on 15th Ave, crossing Pacific.
  3. Turn right on Boat St; go ~1-1/2 blocks; SAFS is on the right.

Directions From SR 520

  1. Exit Montlake Blvd going north (turn left from 520 eastbound, right from 520 westbound).
  2. Get in left lane of Montlake; turn west (left) onto Pacific.
  3. Turn south (left) onto 15th Ave.
  4. Turn right on Boat St; go ~1-1/2 blocks; SAFS is on the right.


Limited pay parking is available off Boat St (Shoppers Lot, west end of the Fishery Sciences Building, $7/day), as well as some metered street parking. There is a UW parking garage on Brooklyn Ave (just east of the Fishery Sciences Building), and the daily rate is $11, but this lot often fills up early in the morning. Click for UW visitor parking and the Seattle METRO bus trip planning online system.

  • UW Parking Fees
    • Visitors (gatehouse-issued daily parking fees)

Other information

Places to Visit at SAFS

The Fish Mural

“Fishes of the Salish Sea” by Ray Troll

The fish mural is mounted in the main lobby of the Fishery Sciences building. Created by artist Ray Troll in 2011, after a request by SAFS Professor Emeritus Ted Pietsch, the mural depicts various fishes of the Salish Sea (which includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Strait of Georgia, and Puget Sound). Borrow a pair of 3D glasses from our Administrative Office, Room 116, to fully appreciate this mural.

The Fish Collection

The UW Fish Collection, part of the UW Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, is an important resource for both our undergraduate and graduate students.

The Collection maintains an extensive database of preserved fishes and is one of five major permanent facilities on the West Coast and the largest in terms of number of specimens. The Collection contains more than 300,000 juvenile and adult specimens, and over 7.3 million eggs and larvae, representing about 4,100 species in 1,390 genera and 325 families. About 25 percent of the Collection consists of freshwater species, primarily from Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. The remaining 75 percent of the Collection comprises marine fishes and invertebrates collected mainly in the eastern North Pacific Ocean, from the Aleutian Islands to Baja California, and in the western tropical Pacific, from Christmas Island to Guam and the Philippines.

Curators of the Collection make specimens available upon request to researchers within and outside SAFS. Staff run a popular school outreach program and provide a variety of tours for interested parties; they also field inquiries from the press and public about unknown/unidentified fishes and other ichthyological matters.

Visit the Collection at our Fisheries Teaching and Research building at 1140 NE Boat St. You can also search our Fish Database to access our extensive collection of specimens.

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