SAFS hosts weekly lunch-time seminars, where students and faculty share findings from their current research. Read through our past seminars to get an idea of topics covered and be sure to check out our events calendar to download upcoming seminars on your calendar.

Winter 2021 Seminar

Fridays at 12:30-1:30 pm PT; Join the seminar remotely via GoToWebinar

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Registration link
January 8 Tom Langbehn University of Bergen, Norway From light, to vision, to species distribution: Developing a mechanistic understanding of species (re-)distributions beyond temperature Register
January 15 Roy Mendelssohn NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center Low-dimensional representations of dynamic systems with phase lags Register
January 22 Peter Kuriyama NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center Identifying spatially shared dynamics in the California Current System with empirical dynamic modeling Register
January 29 Stephanie Thurner University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Modeling opportunistic exploitation: increased extinction risk when targeting more than one species Register
February 5 Rahel Sollman University of California at Davis Occupancy modeling and the study of wildlife communities Register
February 12 Christina Hernández Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Two stories of tuna larvae: combining field observations, otolith analyses, and backtracking simulations Register
February 19 Cecilia O’Leary NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center Keeping tabs on groundfish as they move around in a warming ocean Register
February 26 Megan L. Feddern University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Ecosystem chemistry: reconstructing a century of pinniped trophic position and biogeochemical indices in the northeast Pacific using archival museum specimens Register
March 5 Sarah J. Converse University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences and School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Washington Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Synchrony in seabird survival: drivers at multiple spatial scales Register
March 12 Christina Morrisett Utah State University & Henry’s Fork Foundation Optimizing multi-stakeholder watershed management in Idaho’s Henry’s Fork Register

Archived seminar schedules

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2005–2006 Eric Ward all quarters
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2003–2004 Lucy Flynn fall/winter/spring
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2001–2002 Carolina Minte-Vera fall/winter/spring
2000–2001 Juan Valero fall/winter/spring
1999–2000 Arni Magnusson fall/winter/spring
1998–1999 Ivonne Ortiz fall/winter /spring
1997–1998 Carlos Alvarez-Flores fall/winter/spring
1996–1997 Billy Ernst fall/winter/spring


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