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Winter 2016 upcoming seminar

Friday 3/11 at 12:30-1:30pm in FSH 203 

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Speaker: Nis Sand Jacobsen, Essington lab postdoc

Title: Size based models as tools for an ecosystem approach to fisheries management

Abstract: Ecosystem based fisheries management (EBFM) requires models that can simulate how fishing influences marine communities in regards to both direct and indirect effects. Size based models are a candidate framework to investigate long-term fishing strategies in EBFM. The models are based on individual level physiology and generally have a low set of parameters. Here I present two possible applications of size based models; 1) balanced harvesting has been suggested as an ecosystem wide fishing pattern that could potentially increase yields while conserving community structure. I show that both statements are true, but that the yield increase is marginal, and the consequence is a catch comprised of small fish with low economic value. 2) Fisheries are often associated with trade-offs (e.g., between yields and ecological objectives), which are enhanced at the ecosystem level. The optimal trade-off between these can be found by efficiency frontiers: the trade-off space where one objective cannot be improved without regressing another. I simulate the efficiency frontier between yields (biomass and economic) and an indicator of ecological state with novel calibrations of 5 large marine ecosystems, and show how management can improve on an ecosystem scale by considering indirect effects. Finally, I conclude on future directions and challenges related to the application of size based models.



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