SAFS hosts weekly lunch-time seminars, where students and faculty share findings from their current research. Read through our past seminars to get an idea of topics covered and be sure to check out our events calendar to download upcoming seminars on your calendar.

Spring 2021 Seminars

Fridays at 12:30-1:30 pm PT; Join the seminar remotely via GoToWebinar

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Registration/Recordings
4/2/2021 Jim Thorson NOAA-NWFSC Steps in the Grand Habitat Challenge: Developing an diffusion-advection-taxis model to assimilate climate and habitat variables, conventional and archival tags, fishing and survey point counts, and movement gates (eDNA and moorings) Recording
4/9/2021 Elizabeth Eli Holmes NOAA-NWFSC, UW-SAFS Using unsupervised image classification (machine learning) to study changes in seasonal upwelling in the Southeast Arabian Sea Recording
4/16/2021 Steven Munch NOAA-SWFSC Empirical dynamic modeling for fisheries Recording
4/23/2021 Matt Siskey Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean (University of Washington and Alaska Fisheries Science Center) Postponed until Autumn 2021
4/30/2021 Andrea Havron UW-SAFS, NOAA-AFSC Introducing clustTMB: a new spatial finite mixture model with an application to the Bering Sea groundfish fishery Recording
5/7/2021 Sam Urmy NOAA-AFSC An introduction to the Julia programming language for quantitative ecologists Recording
5/14/2021 Mike Nishizaki Carleton College More than just warming: physiological responses of mussels to variable thermal environments Recording
5/21/2021 Amanda Warlick UW-SAFS Cook Inlet beluga whales: examining uncertainty in population demography, viability, and extinction risk Recording
5/28/2021 Noelle Bowlin NOAA-SWFSC, CalCOFI The CalCOFI Program: Ecosystem monitoring in the Southern California Bight Recording
6/4/2021 Bia Dias UW-SAFS Exploring the drivers of Prince William Sound herring spawning phenology Recording

Archived Quantitative Seminars

Past seminar recordings can be found on our YouTube channel

Winter 2021 Seminars
Autumn 2020 Seminars
Spring 2020 Seminars
Spring 2015 Seminars

Year Coordinator links to archives
2014–2015 Hilborn Lab fall/winter/spring
2013–2014 Branch Lab fall/winter/spring
2012–2013 Punt Lab fall/winter/spring
2011–2012 Anderson Lab fall/winter/spring
2010–2011 Kotaro Ono fall/winter/spring
2009–2010 Chantel Wetzel fall/winter/spring
2008–2009 Dawn Dougherty fall/winter/spring
2007–2008 Essington Lab fall/winter/spring<
2006–2007 Ian Taylor fall/winter/spring
2005–2006 Eric Ward all quarters
2004–2005 Jason Cope fall/winter/spring
2003–2004 Lucy Flynn fall/winter/spring
2002–2003 Gavin Fay fall/winter/spring
2001–2002 Carolina Minte-Vera fall/winter/spring
2000–2001 Juan Valero fall/winter/spring
1999–2000 Arni Magnusson fall/winter/spring
1998–1999 Ivonne Ortiz fall/winter /spring
1997–1998 Carlos Alvarez-Flores fall/winter/spring
1996–1997 Billy Ernst fall/winter/spring


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