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Spotlight on SAFS research in Washington State

Last quarter we explored SAFS’ vast research network throughout the world’s arctic, subarctic, and tropical regions. We now bring the focus back to Washington State and the fascinating science coming from our own backyard. Delve into some research highlights from our faculty, staff, and students with an interactive map taking you on a virtual tour all around our state.

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Donor Profile: Drs. Usha and S. Rao Varanasi 

Drs. Usha and S. Rao Varanasi are longtime supporters of SAFS and also benefactors to many other academic units across the UW. Usha chatted with Andrew Storms (Advancement, College of the Environment) about her and Rao’s commitment to the education of students at SAFS and the UW.

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Improving geoduck aquaculture through “hardening”

Pacific geoducks, among the largest burrowing clams in the world, are native to the Pacific Northwest. Commercially grown only since 1995, farmed geoducks now generate over $20 million in annual sales in Washington State and are among the most valuable farmed shellfish on a per-acre basis. However, hatcheries can be a critical production bottleneck.

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