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Salmon and Grizzly Bears – Oh My!

Through the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Sarah Schooler, ’15, spent six weeks in the Alaskan bush, collecting the same data in the field she’d been studying in the classroom: salmon and the hungry habits of grizzly bears. 

Finding Friday Harbor

Recent SAFS alumna Susan Harris spent 10 weeks at UW’s Friday Harbor Labs on San Juan island studying zoology and botany. UW Today featured a profile on Susan’s experience. 

New fish genus and species named for its red, fingerlike fins

SAFS Professor Ted Pietsch and SAFS graduate student Rachel Arnold recently relocated an elusive tropical frogfish, last seen in Australia in 1980. After collecting specimens and testing the DNA, they discovered they’d found a new genus and species of fish, now named the red-fingered anglerfish. 

Meet Meryl Mims, SAFS Grad Student

Graduate student Meryl Mims is passionate about the conservation of Arizona treefrogs and is studying the effects of the species population decline. 

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