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Daniel Schindler being interviewed by Waterlust. Dan DiNicola
SAFS graduate student Sam May sporting Waterlust salmon shorts. Sam May

Last year, the UW Alaska Salmon Program partnered with Waterlust, an apparel and media company, to develop a line of salmon-inspired clothing. Waterlust’s clothing line, dubbed “advocated apparel,” aims to bring awareness to aquatic science and conservation-based causes by turning designs found in nature into fashion. The company has previously worked with other institutions and nonprofits to develop prints inspired by sea turtles, whale sharks, and spotted dolphins.

The salmon line includes leggings, tops, and shorts and makes use of the fiery reds and forest greens of spawning sockeye salmon. In addition to the increased exposure for our important work in Alaska, Waterlust donates 10% of the profits from each purchase back to the Alaska Salmon Program.

Waterlust produced two short companion documentaries—one a virtual reality experience—to capture the story of salmon and share it with their customers and the greater public. We are excited to announce you can try this immersive virtual reality film yourself on one of our Oculus Go headsets in the SAFS administrative offices in the Fishery Sciences building. Both documentaries can also be seen on the Waterlust YouTube page at and throughout the country at select film festivals, classrooms, and museums.

To learn more about the Alaska Salmon Program, visit and for information on the collaboration with Waterlust, visit

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