Marine Biology core course offers lecture, lab, and multiple field trips

Marine Biology (FISH250) is the core class for the College of the Environment Marine Biology Minor, where students learn principles of oceanography, biology, physiology and reproduction of marine taxa. The course focuses on the adaptations organisms need to thrive in their marine environments. The class includes active student discussion, class polls, and the opportunity to experience and experiment with key concepts in the laboratory section and fun field trips to Friday Harbor, Alki Beach (night low tide), Ocean Shores and others. The course is led by SAFS professor Carolyn Friedman and Dr. Jose Guzman. Learn more about the Marine Biology program at

Marine biology students meet with the SAFS departmental speaker Amy Kennedy (back row, 7th from right) after her talk on how to tag large whales. SAFS professor Carolyn Friedman is bottom right.
Marine biology students on their weekend field trip to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, where they learn how biodiversity changes at depth in the ocean.
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