Establishment of the Lobo Orensanz Endowed Fund for Student Support

Jose Maria (Lobo) Orensanz: 1945-2015


It is with profound sadness that we write to tell that our dear friend and colleague, Lobo Orensanz, died at his home in Puerto Madryn, Argentina on January 5, 2015. If any solace can be found in this tragic news it is to know that Lobo was packing a van for a field trip with his wonderful wife Ana Parma and other family to savor the natural history of their Patagonian coast….that was what Lobo loved so much, and he died anticipating another expedition of science and joy that marked his character and his life. Lobo’s departure leaves us with a void on  many levels. Those fortunate to have met Lobo knew him as a brilliant scientist in many aspects of natural history, an insightful and passionate conservationist, a committed friend to fishing communities in support of their industries and livelihood, a mentor of many generations of undergraduate and graduate students, and as a kind and generous friend whose company we sought so often. We are sad but immensely grateful to have known Lobo and we relish his role in our lives, in these memories he will live on with us.

Both Lobo and Ana are alumni of SAFS and received their PhDs in our program. Lobo became the conduit by which many immensely dedicated and passionate students from parts of South America came to our degree programs and then took their skills home to impressive careers. To continue Lobo’s legacy and to reflect his commitment to learning on all levels, the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences is establishing the Lobo Orensanz Endowed Fund for Student Support to create a permanent funding source for future generations of SAFS students. We invite you to donate to this named endowment in Lobo’s memory and we are committed to reaching a minimum goal of $25K to make this support operational. To make a gift, click here to give online or send a check made out to the “University of Washington Foundation” with “Lobo Orensanz Fund” in the memo line to the address below.

UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (Attn: Kathryn Stout)

Box 355020

Seattle, Washington 98195-5055

For any further information about making a gift please contact David Armstrong, 206-617-7003; or André Punt, 206-221-6319


Please forward this announcement widely to all those Lobo touched professionally and as a friend.

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