The blue-backed basslet, a new species from the Honduras

Reef fish species from waters deeper than 130 m are difficult to collect manually, because they are too deep for SCUBA divers. But now manned submersibles equipped with underwater vacuums are able to suck up new specimens with surprising alacrity. Among the specimens slurped up by one such submersible is brand new blue and gold species of basslet: the blue-backed basslet (Lipogramma adabeli), with distinct blue coloration, genetics, and habitat use distinguishing it from other similar species. The new species was described in Zookeys by SAFS professor Luke Tornabene, Ross Robertson of the Smithsonian Tropical Institute, and Carole Baldwin of the Smithsonian Institute.

Photographs of three specimens of the blue-backed basslet, a newly described fish species. 


The manned submersible used to collect the new species of basslet, complete with suction devices in the front. 
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