Vaccine injection is required to protect sablefish from a common disease in aquaculture

Sablefish is a highly valuable wild-caught fish on the west coast of North America that can also be easily cultured in aquaculture facilities. However, when reared at high densities in pens, disease outbreaks can be a problem, especially a bacteria that causes a disease named furunculosis. A new study examines the effectiveness of a vaccine developed by the company AquaTactics, to test whether this vaccine protects against furunculosis when injected into fish, or when the fish are immersed for one minute in a vaccine solution. Injected vaccine proved to be both highly effective and long-lasting against both typical and atypical forms of the disease, but immersion provided no protection compared to controls. The research was authored a team led by Mary Arkoosh of NOAA, including SAFS professor Graham Young, and appears in the journal Aquaculture Research.

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