FISH441 Class Research Published

In this month’s issue of the Journal of Shellfish Research, results from a research project carried out in the lab section of FISH441: Integrative Environmental Physiology was published. David Metzger and Paul Pratt (now both SAFS alum) are primary authors on the paper entitled: Characterizing the Effects of Heavy Metal and Vibrio Exposure on Hsp70 Expression in Crassostrea gigas Gill Tissue.

From the abstract:

In this study, oysters were exposed to copper and the bacterium Vibrio tubiashii to characterize how these environmental stressors influence Hsp70 gene and protein expression. Bacterial exposure did not affect Hsp70 expression, whereas copper exposure changed both transcript and protein levels significantly. Interestingly, copper exposure increased gene expression and decreased protein levels when compared with controls. The dynamics of Hsp70 regulation observed here provide important insight into heavy metal exposure and heat shock protein levels in oysters, highlighting considerations that should be made when using Hsp70 as an indicator of an organism’s general stress response.


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This was one of the 5 most read papers in JSR for the month of September!

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