SAFS offers outstanding students the opportunity to complete Departmental Honors for a greater intellectual challenge and to explore the major in new and creative ways.

Apply for Departmental Honors

To check eligibility and apply for Departmental Honors, contact the SAFS Undergraduate Adviser. Departmental Honors may be declared at any time, but honors coursework is typically begun in the junior (or 3rd) year.

Departmental Honors Requirements

SAFS majors completing departmental honors must complete the following requirements in addition to the standard degree requirements in the major:

  • GPA – both of the following must be met:
    • Minimum 3.3 cumulative UW GPA
    • Minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA in all courses with a FISH prefix
  • One FISH honors option course – one of the following must be taken for honors credit through the Ad Hoc Honors process:
    • FISH 323 (Autumn quarter)
    • FISH 324 (Winter quarter)
    • FISH 312 (Spring quarter)
  • Seminar (2–3 credits) – take one of the following:
    • FISH 477 (Winter quarter; marine biology minors only)
    • FISH 522 (Autumn quarter; add code required)
  • Capstone (4 credits)
    • FISH 495 Capstone Project II; enroll in dedicated Honors section for 4 credits
    • In addition to completing a research paper and oral presentation, honors students will complete an additional draft of the paper AND a poster presentation

Other Honors programs at UW

There are three kinds of honors programs at the UW:

  • College Honors – Freshmen only; apply as part of UW Freshman Admissions application or prior to Spring quarter of freshman year. Students in College Honors complete Honors core requirements and Departmental Honors requirements.
  • Departmental Honors – open to all SAFS majors who meet GPA eligibility; students are encouraged to apply at the start of their junior year (or earlier) in order to ensure enough time to complete additional course requirements.
  • Interdisciplinary Honors – for students who complete the Honors core requirements but do not complete Departmental Honors requirements; an application may be made during the Freshman Admissions process or prior to Spring quarter of Freshman year.

For more information and to apply for College or Interdisciplinary Honors, visit the UW Honors Program website.

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