There are two forms of student awards offered by FINS:

  1. Travel Award
  2. Research Communication Award

Funds for FINS awards are revenue from the sale of the salmon poster created by artist David Ehlert and from fundraising at the annual SAFS Spring Picnic. The salmon poster fundraiser has been possible due to the incredible service and donation of Professor Tom Quinn, David Ehlert, graduate students, Jodie Little, Danielle Mitchell, and Donna Hauser, and several other students of the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences.

Uses of Funding

Travel Award

This money is limited to covering travel costs and registration fees for professional conferences where the graduate student is presenting (poster and/or oral). Appropriate uses of FINS money include airfare, train fare, mileage reimbursement, lodging, food, and conference registration. Funding priority will be given to those students who are doing oral presentations. The student should follow the application procedures described below.

Research Communication Award

This money can be used to cover poster printing costs, society membership fees, conference registration fees, or any other costs associated with communication of your research. The student should follow the application procedures described below.

Application Process

Travel Award Application Form

Research Communication Award Application Form

FINS will offer travel award(s) and research communication award(s) to matriculating SAFS graduate students each quarter when funds are available (dependent on the success of fundraising efforts). Demonstration of service to the FINS or SAFS community is required to be eligible for a travel grant. No more than three grants will be awarded per quarter for both the travel award and research communication award. At the beginning of the quarter, FINS officers will announce the availability of awards. To apply for an award, SAFS graduate students should submit a completed application to the FINS treasurer via email. All applications received prior to the application deadline will be evaluated according to the criteria described below. Any remaining grants after this initial deadline will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.

Because so many individuals have donated their time and energy to help raise this money for the SAFS graduate student body, FINS asks that, in addition to typical application materials, awardees demonstrate how they have contributed to the department and/or community. Refer to the application form for complete details of requirements. FINS officers will review applications, and students will be notified of funding decisions by email within one week following the submission deadline. For travel awards, students are only allowed to apply and receive funding during the quarter in which the conference occurs; funds will not be awarded retrospectively. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Criteria for Funding

Currently enrolled, matriculating SAFS and SAFS-affiliated graduate students who have demonstrated service to the FINS and/or SAFS community are eligible to receive awards. The amount of the award depends on the availability of funding and student needs; travel awards are for up to $300, and research communication awards are for up to $100. Funding is contingent upon quality/completeness of the application, and whether the student has identified and obtained additional funding from other sources to completely cover costs.

You may receive 1 FINS travel award and 1 FINS research communication award per year. You cannot receive a travel award and research communication award in the same quarter.

Applications received before the application deadline will be evaluated according to the following criteria (in order of importance):

1) Priority is given to students who have never before received FINS funding.

2) Priority, for travel awards, is given to students giving an oral rather than a poster presentation.

Any applications received after the initial application period will be evaluated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Receiving Funds

Students who are notified that they have been awarded funding should contact the FINS treasurer for details concerning reimbursement of conference costs.

Travel Award Recipients

Winter 2020: Amelia DuVall, Laura Spencer, Yaamini Venkataraman

Fall 2019: Natalie Mastick, Mark Sorel, Amanda Warlick

Summer 2019: Morgan Arrington

Spring 2019: Melanie Davis, Megan Feddern, Silvana González, Rebekah Stiling

Winter 2019: Sean Rohan, Laura Spencer

Fall 2018: Jane Rogosch

Summer 2018: Thiago Couto

Spring 2018: David French

Winter 2018: Beth Phillips

Fall 2017: Yaamini Venkataraman, Jane Rogosch

Summer 2017: Elliot Koontz

Spring 2017: Tim Cline, Mathis Messager

Winter 2017: Jessie Hale, Beth Phillips, David McGowan

Fall 2016: Michelle Chow, Lindsay Almaleh, Courtney Fiamengo

Spring 2016: Mike Vlah, Madi Gamble

Winter 2016: Peter Kuriyama, Dan Gillon

Fall 2015: Erica Escajeda, Jenn Lang

Summer 2015: Emma Hodgson, Laura Koehn, Beth Phillips

Spring 2015: Merrill Rudd

Winter 2015: Donna Hauser, Dave McGowan

Autumn 2014: Wesley Larson, Stuart Munsch

Summer 2014: Daniel Hernandez, Megsie Siple

Spring 2014: Louisa Harding, Rachel Hovel, Charlie Waters

Research Communication Award Recipients

Winter 2021: Lindsay Alma, Julia Indivero, Katie McElroy, Helena McMonagle, Markus Min

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