Graduates of SAFS programs are well prepared for their future career choices. Because they graduate with a broad disciplinary knowledge and possess key skills in analytical processing, critical thinking, and professional communication, our graduates have a high placement rate in a range of occupations. In addition, BS students often use their intensive Capstone senior projects as launching pads to get a job or apply for graduate school.

An advanced degree (MS or PhD) in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences from the UW can open the door to diverse fields, including resource management and conservation, education, and aquatic science research and consulting. Our graduate students work closely with faculty in their labs and have the opportunity to build a professional network based on interactions with faculty, colleagues, peers, and other professionals, in the field, at conferences, and through internships.

Our graduates work in academia, government agencies, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations.

SAFS faculty and peers are excellent resources to find opportunities to build your career. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and remember, your academic adviser is a great source of guidance as well.

Scroll down to learn more about Research & Independent Study, Applying to Graduate School, Professional Development, and a list of Career Resources.

Research & Independent Study

We encourage undergraduate students to participate in research at SAFS. Undergraduate students conduct research as Capstone students, paid research assistants, work study students, or volunteers. Research provides valuable learning opportunities, enabling students to explore different scientific disciplines, develop professional and technical skills, and build relationships with the scientific community. Don’t be shy about reaching out to graduate students and faculty about research opportunities in their labs!

More information on how to find a project, how to inquire about an opportunity, and how to register for credits can be found here:


Applying to Graduate School

NOTE: The content here generally focuses on graduate programs in the United States.

Some scientific jobs require additional graduate-level training and course work. While you are an undergraduate student, think about your career goals and evaluate whether a graduate education is something that you would like to pursue. What are your long-term goals and will graduate school help you achieve them? If you are interested in applying to graduate school, we have compiled some useful information below. We also strongly encourage you to talk to current SAFS graduate students, postdocs, and faculty, about their experiences in graduate school.


Professional Development

The UW Career & Internship Center is an amazing resource on career and professional development. Among other things, they host information, workshops and tutorials on:

UW CIC services are provided to all matriculated undergraduate and graduate students free of charge!


Career Resources & Job Boards

A select few career resources that may be of help/interest:


Links coming soon!

  • Community Events
  • Career Panels
  • Seminars

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