Lorenz Hauser

  • Professor, SAFS
  • Research Associate, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Research areas

My research program has developed along four principal themes:

1) The demography, dispersal and local adaptation in marine species for the identification of self-recruiting populations as units for management and conservation, and also to investigate mechanisms of dispersal, patterns of demographic variability and local adaptation. My group focuses on Pacific cod, Pacific herring, rockfish, rock scallops and sandy beach organisms in South Africa.
2) The estimation of reproductive success by genetically identifying offspring, is primarily based on steelhead in Washington and sockeye salmon in Alaska, in collaboration with the Alaska Salmon Program. We have also used similar approaches to investigate dispersal in Puget Sound rockfishes, working with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
3) An interest in molecular genetic markers, in particular, how mutation mechanisms, patterns of variability and statistical analyses affect the interpretation of molecular data in a biological context.
4) Recently, and in collaboration with scientists in South Africa and the UK, my group is also working on the hidden biodiversity of sandy beach meiofauna, by applying next generation sequencing to meiofauna communities.

I have worked on a variety of marine and freshwater organisms across the world, and have adopted an opportunistic approach that took advantage of appropriate model systems, the expertise of collaborators and available funding opportunities. My research is not centered on a specific organism or system, but represents a more generalist approach to answering questions using the best model system available. Virtually all my projects are collaborations with colleagues at the UW or local, state and federal agencies. These collaborations and the number of fish and fisheries scientists in the Pacific Northwest make Seattle one of the most exciting and inspiring places to work in the world.


Areas of Expertise

  • Population genetics
  • Marine conservation
  • Fisheries Genetics

Community Engagement and Awards

Editorial Boards

  • Fish and Fisheries
  • ICES Journal of Marine Science

Selected publications