Gregory Jensen

  • Capstone Coordinator, Instructor

Research areas

My main research interest is in the ecology and systematics of crabs and shrimps. Despite their great ecological and economic importance, remarkably little is known about the myriad roles they play in marine food webs. There are still many unnamed decapods on our coast, and larval descriptions exist for only a tiny fraction of the known species.

Another facet of my work involves creating user-friendly identification guides to Pacific coast invertebrates and fish. I am actively involved in the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, a citizen science organization that recruits divers to collect information on fish and invertebrate populations, and the guides I produce will hopefully aid in these monitoring efforts.


  • Capstone 1: Proposal 493
  • Crustacean Biology (Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre)


  • Crustacean ecology
  • Crustacean systematics
  • Invasive species
  • Fish ecology

Selected publications

  • Jensen, G.C. 2014. Crabs and Shrimps of the Pacific Coast: A guide to shallow-water decapods from southeastern Alaska to the Mexican border. MolaMarine, Bremerton, WA. 240 p. + 650 p. e-guide

  • Jensen, G.C. and M. Egnotovich (2015) A whiter shade of male: color background matching as a function of size and sex in the yellow shore crab Hemigrapsus oregonensis. Current Zoology 61: 729-738.

  • Jensen, G.C., D. Gotshall, and R.F. Miller (2018). Beneath Pacific Tides: Subtidal invertebrates of the Pacific Coast. MolaMarine, Bremerton, WA, 296 p

  • Jensen, G.C., P.S. McDonald, and D.A. Armstrong (2007) Biotic resistance to green crab, Carcinus maenas, in California bays. Marine Biology 151: 2231-2243.

  • Jensen, G.C. (2006) Three new species of Lebbeus (Caridea: Hippolytidae) from the Northeastern Pacific. Zootaxa 1383: 23-43.