Andre Punt

  • Professor, SAFS
  • Director, SAFS

Research areas

The research conducted by my lab relates to the development and testing of methods for assessing the past and current status of fish, invertebrate and marine mammal populations. We use these assessments as the basis for forecasts that evaluate which methods for managing these populations will best achieve the goals established by society for those populations. We are exploring how to manage marine populations in the face of changing societal goals, climate change, ocean acidification, and the lack of data which is typical of the marine environment.

My lab uses of a variety of quantitative techniques including fitting of the population dynamics models using maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods, bio-economic modeling, Management Strategy Evaluation, multispecies and ecosystem models. The results of our research are used to inform management decision making in the United States and Australia, and in international marine management bodies such as regional fisheries management organizations and the International Whaling Commission.

Other appointments

Senior Fellow, JISAO
Faculty, UW QERM Graduate Program


Areas of Expertise

  • Mathematical and bio-economic modeling
  • Multispecies and ecosystem modeling
  • Marine conservation
  • Fisheries stock assessment
  • Climate variability and climate change
  • Management Strategy Evaluation
  • Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management

Community Engagement and Awards

Advisory Boards

  • Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission
  • Scientific and Statistical Committee of the Pacific Fishery Management Council
  • Advisory Committee for Center for the Advancement of Population Assessment Methodology,
  • Crab Plan Team of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council
  • IUCN Red List Standards and Petitions Subcommittee


  • 2014 Elected to the Washington Academy of Sciences
  • 2013 UW Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 2013 American Fisheries Society Western Division Award of Excellence
  • 2012 Oscar Elton Sette Award
  • 2009 CSIRO Gold Medal
  • 2008 UW College of Ocean and Fishery Science, Distinguished Research Award
  • 2005 UW College of Ocean and Fishery Science, Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 2003 UW College of Ocean and Fishery Science, Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 1999 K. Radway Allen Award

Selected publications