A family looks at a table exhibit during the UW Aquatic Science Open HouseInterested in a classroom visit, community outreach event, or career exploration forum? Please email us at seasafs@uw.edu.

Ideally, we would like at least one month’s notice for a classroom visit or community outreach request, but welcome requests with a shorter timeline. Please be advised that our program is volunteer-run and we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Also, please allow us a few days to respond to your request. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to connecting!

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Board Members:

Corinne Kohmann (SAFS)
Helena McMonagle (SAFS)
Jenny Stern (SAFS)
Katie McElroy (SAFS)
Marissa Pauling (SMEA)
Miranda Roethler (SAFS)
Yaamini Venkataraman (SAFS)
Sam Scherer (SAFS, Staff representative)
Mark Scheuerell (SAFS, Faculty representative)

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