The SAFS Minor is designed for students majoring in other departments who wish to understand aquatic organisms and their habitats and the responsible use of aquatic resources.

The Minor supplements a degree and provides additional opportunities for employment or graduate careers. The program is especially appropriate for students in Oceanography, Forest Resources, Biology, and Environmental Studies.

The Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Minor requires a minimum of 28 credits, as follows (9cr minimum):

NOTE: No more than 11 credits may overlap with the student’s major requirements

  • Three courses (two of which must be at least at the 300 level) from FISH 101, FISH 250, FISH 310, FISH 311, FISH 312, FISH 323, and FISH 324
  • Q SCI 381 (5) or Q SCI 482 (5)
  • Minimum of two upper-division FISH courses totaling at least 8 credits

A printable minor checklist is available for your convenience.

Enrollment in the Minor

The minor is open to all UW students who have reached 90 credits. Contact your departmental adviser to declare a minor in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences – questions about minor coursework may be directed to the SAFS Undergraduate Adviser.

Recommended courses

Please pay attention to prerequisites and recommended courses for each of our classes. We recommend organic chemistry, biology (BIOL 180, 200, and 220) and pre-calculus.


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