Graduate Student Appointments

Most graduate student appointments (Research and Teaching Assistantships) in SAFS are governed by an agreement between the UW and the UW/UAW Contract for Academic Student Employees, which is outlined at: UW/UAW Contract

TA/RA departmental information, forms and policies may be found at: Graduate Student Appointments (create PDF’s or create internal page).

Funding Within the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Graduate Student Scholarships and Fellowships

The School has endowments that provide a limited number of fellowships for both entering and continuing students. All students who apply to the School are automatically considered for entering fellowships. Fellowships for continuing students are competitive and applications are reviewed annually by the School’s Recruitment, Admissions and Scholarships Committee (RASC) during Winter Quarter.

Awards are generally in the form of fellowships (equivalent to a 50% Research Assistantship in terms of stipend/salary, health insurance benefits, and tuition waiver [i.e., operating and technology fees are waived]). Students may also request a scholarship (i.e., no stipend/salary) to be used for tuition assistance. Awards range from small grants to larger awards, and are based on academic scholarship, satisfactory progress, career achievement, and available resources.

Funding applications for continuing students must be submitted to the SAFS Student Services Office at least two weeks prior to the RASC meeting at which applications are to be reviewed. Generally, applications are due March 1 and the RASC meets in mid-March, but this is subject to change. Only students who are current on their milestones and otherwise making satisfactory academic progress will be considered for these fellowships. Read about SAFS degree requirements.

Fellowship Application

Research Grants

SAFS endowment funds are also available to support research grants for SAFS graduate students. These grants can be used to cover expenses associated with the student’s thesis/dissertation. Allowable expenses include: supplies, equipment, undergraduate assistance (i.e., labor costs), computer software, travel, etc. Funds will not be provided to cover the purchase of a computer or equipment that is for general laboratory use. Students will not be awarded more than one research grant during their degree program, except in exceptional circumstances.

Research Funds Application

Graduate Student Travel

The UW Graduate School’s Fund for Excellence and Innovation (GSFEI) allots SAFS a certain amount of funding for graduate student travel. Typically, SAFS matches these funds to supplement the travel awards. Please select the link below for more information.

Graduate Student Travel

UW Resources for Graduate Student Funding

Grants and Funding Information Service, located in Suzzallo Library, assists UW graduate students in their search for information about financial opportunities available outside the University of Washington. For more information contact: UW Grants & Funding Information Service at or call 206-616-3084.

Other Funding Resources for Graduate Students

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