WDAFS Deadline Reminders

I hope you are all having a great winter break! I just wanted to send a reminder of some important deadlines:

January 17: Abstracts are due for posters and oral presentations for the Annual Meeting. PLEASE submit an abstract to the Student Colloquium as well – this is a great opportunity to practice your talk or, if you’re not presenting at the conference, to get some peer review on a practice talk. The colloquium will be held Monday and will not conflict with any other talks or presentations. http://wdmeeting2014.wordpress.com/abstracts/

February 1: WDAFS Student Scholarships are due. http://wdafs.org/students/scholarship-travel-award-information/

March 7: Award Nominations are due. This includes nominations for Chapter and Student Sub-Unit of the year. See website for a full list. http://wdafs.org/awards/information-deadlines-applications/

March 15: Small Project Grant applications are due. See website for guidelines and more information. http://wdafs.org/awards/small-project-grants/

For those of you who applied for student travel awards, the Executive Committee will be determining those awards next week and we will get back to you as soon as possible with final award information.

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