Volunteer Opportunity with WA Environmental Council

I am currently interning with the Washington Environmental Council and we are looking for volunteers for our signature event, the Green Gala. I figure both parties could benefit, we get the help and the students have an opportunity to network. In my past experiences volunteering with WEC, the guests often are curious about why we volunteer for the group so there is definitely time to socialize. If you could please pass this information to fisheries majors, I would greatly appreciate it!

The Washington Environmental Council is looking for about 30 volunteers for their annual dinner and auction, the Green Gala, which will be held on Saturday, November 15th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The Green Gala is THE Environmental event of the year. The audience consists of many organization leaders and government legislators. It would be a great way to network.

Duties include:
Setting up an hour prior to the event
Greeting Guests and helping with registration
– for preregistered guests, volunteers will help find name tags and give them additional materials
– for unregistered guests, volunteers will collect payment and write out name tags and give materials
Sell "The Golden Ticket" during the event
Help guests "check out"
– retrieve items guests have won
And additional tasks that may come up

Although the event starts at 6:00PM, we will need help with set up at around 5:00 PM. Volunteers are also encouraged to dress up (no jeans please) and wear a green accessory. Dinner will be provided. Feel free to pass the information onto anyone you think may be interested.

For more information check out WEC’s website, events


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