Volunteer Opportunity Counting Salmon at Carkeek Park

Hi Students,

Volunteers at Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project need your help. We are looking for people to assist in counting live and dead salmon that return to Piper’s Creek to spawn. You will be out in the park hand writing data about returning salmon. The data will be used to teach park visitors and the local community about salmon and the issues affecting their local watershed.

Every year Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project receives salmon fry from the Saquamish tribe and they are imprinted at Carkeek Park. While they are imprinted, community members are encouraged to feed the fry and learn about the salmon. These community members look forward to hearing how many return, and how healthy the returning salmon are.

For more information, call Bill Hagen at (206) 334-4047
or email Amy Holler

Look Forward To Seeing You There!

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