VMF Art/Science Opportunity

Short-Term Residency Opportunity Description:
The Marjorie and Joseph Rubenson Endowment Short-Term Residency is an annual opportunity for an artist or researcher investigating conservation of animals, plants and habitats to visit the Volcan Mountain Range in Julian, California to create original works of art or engage in scientific research that would enhance the public appreciation of the mountain, its unique beauty and environmental attributes.
About the Volcan Mountain Range
As the majestic, scenic backdrop for Julian, California, the Volcan Mountain Range is also a vital regional resource for water, wildlands and wildlife. The 15-mile long range lies along the Great Basin Divide in the mountains of northeast San Diego County and provides critical habitat for rare and sensitive plant and animal species. Water from the range feeds three of the largest watersheds in the San Diego Basin (flowing west), as well as the Anza-Borrego Watershed which flows east and feeds into the Salton Sea and the Colorado River Basin. The range is also the ‘crest’ of the San Dieguito River Park’s Coast to Crest Trail which connects, at the coast, to the San Dieguito Lagoon in Del Mar.

About the Marjorie and Joseph Rubenson Endowment for Art and Science at Volcan Mountain:
Started in 2014, the purpose of the Marjorie and Joseph Rubenson Endowment for Art and Science at Volcan Mountain is to promote public appreciation of Volcan Mountain and its beauty and environmental diversity through art or scientific activities, as Marge and Joe Rubenson enjoyed the world through their creativity and inquisitiveness.
Artists and researchers should have an existing body of work of which samples can be provided in the application process. In general, residency candidates should not already be actively involved in activities of the Volcan Mountain Foundation.
Residency recipients will be invited to visit Julian for a week (or 2-3 long weekends) to complete their work during a mutually agreed upon weekend between Spring and Fall 2016.
Stipend and Housing
Residency recipients will receive a $2,000 stipend and housing for the duration of their visit.
Residency recipients are expected to provide their own transportation to, from and during the visit.
Materials & Supplies
Residency recipients are expected to provide their own materials and supplies for the purposes of their work.
Presentation & Contribution of Work
Residency recipients are expected to present their work publicly. Depending upon the nature of their work this may take a variety of forms: an exhibition, performance, lecture, demonstration, workshop, exploratory hike, etc. Additionally, artists are requested to donate a work of art that can be auctioned off with proceeds going to support the Volcan Mountain Foundation. Residency recipients are expected to assign limited digital use rights to VMF.
Application Process
Prospective candidates should submit:
 Letter of Interest, specifying:
o The desired period of stay
o The purpose of the visit
o Expected work product and form of presentation
 Brief resume or curriculum vitae
 Three references relevant to candidate’s field of art or study
  Artists should provide samples of their work
  Researchers should provide samples of publications and/or field research
Application Delivery and Deadline for 2015-2016
December 1, 2015 is the deadline for application submissions for the 2015-2016 residency opportunity. Candidates should submit all required information to the Volcan Mountain Foundation via email to the attention of VMF, Executive Director, Colleen Bradley at colleen@volcanmt.org (Please, no phone calls).
Selection & Notification Process
The Rubenson Endowment Committee of the Volcan Mountain Foundation will review application packages and the selected residency recipient will be notified by January 15, 2015.
About the Volcan Mountain Foundation
The Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) is a nonprofit conservation organization established in 1988. VMF is the leader in efforts to acquire and conserve wildlands within the Volcan Mountain Range. For over 25 years, its staff, volunteers and community have been the ambassadors for connecting and engaging people of all walks and ages with the Volcan Mountain Range’s vital watershed sources, wildlands and wildlife; ensuring that they remain protected, pristine and wondrous for all generations.
VMF Contact Information
Please send submissions (and/or any questions) via email to: VMF Executive Director, Colleen Bradley (Email: colleen@volcanmt.org) Subject Line: Rubenson Endowment
If email cannot be used, submissions can be sent to VMF at: Post Office Box 1625, Julian, CA 92036
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