UW Environmental Innovation Challenge-Prototype Funding Deadline Sunday, Dec 16

UW Environmental Innovation Challenge – Prototype Funding
Due Sunday, Dec 16:

We have $25,000 available for prototype funding which has been provided by the UW College of Engineering. You can use this funding for purchasing materials to build your prototype, renting equipment, purchasing safety equipment, and hiring short-term work beyond your team’s capacity. We prefer to see requests between $500 and $1,500 but will consider both smaller and larger amounts. Funding will be announced by January 7, 2013 and used by April 4, 2013. To be eligible for this funding, you must have one UW engineering student on your team.

If you have a passion for cleantech, the smarts to play in the emerging green economy, and the desire to leverage your background to make an impact, the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge can provide just the platform (and the funding!) you’ve been looking for.

HOW IT WORKS <video link>
Interdisciplinary student teams define a cleantech problem, design and develop a solution, and work together to produce both a prototype (proof of concept or computer simulation) and a 5 to 7-page business summary that outlines the market opportunity. At the Challenge on April 4, 2013, students pitch their concepts and demonstrate their product/idea to a group of judges that includes technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors. Teams are judged on their prototypes, business summaries, and potential for impact. (The grand prize is $10,000.)

Please note: teams that receive funding agree to participate in the Challenge on April 4, 2013. If you receive funding and then drop out, all funds must be returned to CIE.

Key Dates

  • Prototype funding Applicationdeadline is Sunday, December 16:
  • Resource Nights, Winter Quarter, every Thurs, 6-7:30. Suggested for EIC teams-n/nc or audit. Open to students from other schools – drop in, no rsvp required.
  • Networking Night at Resource Nights, Thurs Jan 17 – excellent place to find a team and/or teammates. Open to all!
  • February 3, Intent to Submit – online preliminary team information.
  • February 26, Official Team Entry. 5 to 7-page Business Summary. Describe the problem, the solution, the team, market opportunity, and prototype or computer simulation. Feedback to each team will be provided by a panel of judges to each team.
  • March 13, Pitch Workshop 6-7:30 Mandatory for all EIC teams within the Seattle area. At least 1 member from each team needs to attend. More are recommended.
  • March 31, 1-page Business Summary: describe the problem, solution, team, market opportunity, and potential for impact and describe the prototype, computer simulation or proof of concept.
  • April 4, Thursday Challenge Day! Team set-up in the morning, judging begins at noon and is followed immediately by the reception and awards ceremony from 5-7:00.

Teams may be comprised of students from different schools. To search for teams/teammates fill out the Catalyst Survey. This info will be added to the webpage, sent out to the EIC list serve and highlighted on Facebook.
Here’s evidence of the cool new innovations coming from the UW EIC <here>.
Pam Tufts, UW Environmental Innovation Challenge (EIC)

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)
ptufts – 206.685.3813

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