UW English Writing Minor

UW English
Writing Minor
New for Winter 2017
The Writing Minor is designed to provide students with concentrated study of and practice in writing, language, and rhetoric. The Minor is most appropriate for students entering writing-intensive careers such as journalism, business, law, publishing, editing, education, and public relations or for students interested in enhancing their writing, analytic and communication skills.
25 Credit Hours at the 200 level or above, of which 15 must be 300 level or above.
15 credits from approved list of courses in academic, professional, and creative writing.*
10 credits from approved list of courses in theory, history, and design.*
*for a full list of approved courses visit http://bit.do/englminors
No more than 5 credits may be counted from Creative Writing or from courses outside the English department.
**Although it is possible to count 5 credit hours of Creative Writing to the minor, this is not a creative writing minor**
To apply, complete a “Change of Program or Minor” form with an academic adviser in your major. If you have any questions regarding the Writing Minor, please contact English advising at (206) 543-2634 or via engladv@uw.edu

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