Unite UW!

Please help us spread the word for this great cultural exchange program that builds a bridge between domestic students and international students. Fall quarter applications closes on September 28th. And it is undergraduates only at this point.

Let us make this large UW campus smaller for you! Unite UW is now accepting fall quarter applications!
With approximately 31,000 undergraduates on campus, we understand the challenge to adapt and to connect. Unite UW creates a community to help you build your support system and find lifelong friends; Unite UW also leads you to a global mind by bridging domestic and international students. Join Unite UW today, to learn how this 7-week cultural and personal exchange program can help you experience the world without leaving the campus!
Apply now at https://goo.gl/forms/WSrfsmBb04gm8oVx1
Learn more at unite.uw.edu

In addition, we just launched a “Uniters of UW” project to highlight stories of individual Unite UW students. Every story is compelling, starting from the video. Enjoy!

Thank you very much!

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