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Deadline: May 10th!!

Dear UW students,Canadian Studies wishes to draw your attention to the following study-in-Iceland course being offered this Fall Quarter.

FALL 2013 OMAD Iceland Study Abroad Program

Resilience, Natural Resources, and Narratives of Power

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Location: Akureyri and Reykjavik, Iceland
Estimated Program Fee: $5700
Credits: 15
Program Director: Margaret Willson

Application Deadline: Extended to May 10, 2013

Program Description:

This course will use the geophysically and economically volatile country of Iceland as the platform to explore how a small modern society copes in this environment of the Polar North. The course will focus on specific current concerns such as fishing rights, the role of resource development and the notion of the “commons,” and concepts of what it means to be an indigenous person. These researches will be set alongside issues related to the recent influx of a migrant fisheries labor force, and Iceland’s position inrelation to regulations from the European Union.

Iceland’s wealth has traditionally been–and is currently–in its fishing, but regulations, international pressures, technology, and quota design are affecting and causing controversy as to definitions of “the commons,” fishing sovereignty, and what, in a social as well as environmental sense, is meant by real sustainability. The course also includes the perspectives andconcerns of the migrant workers of Iceland and issues raised there in contexts of definitions of ethnicity, inclusion, and assimilation. This course will allow students to talk with working Icelanders about these issues, people who arecontending with them as part of their lived experience.

Program fee includes housing, transportation, site visits, and 60% of the trip breakfast is included. Students will need to bring pay for some food and have some spending money.

*Airfare is not included but will range around $950 round trip.


ANTH 437: Political Anthropology and Social Change (5 credits)

ANTH 495: Advance Problems in Ethnology (5 credits)

ANTH 469: Special Studies in Anthropology (5 credits)

Marion Cook, Program Assistant
Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
University of Washington, Seattle


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