Student Position in Zebrafish Lab

Lab Technician

Agency: University of Washington

Location: Biological Structure (Room H225)

Job Category: Part-time

Salary: $11/hour

Start Date: As soon as possible


Students will be responsible for feeding zebrafish, setting up artemia hatcheries, and recording water quality (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity).

Position provides an excellent entry-level experience to gain fisheries and aquaculture knowledge in a biomedical research milieu. Additionally, the lab is used by the departments of Biochemistry, Biological Structure and Pathology. Students interested in future graduate studies will have the opportunity to mingle among researchers active in the studies of embryonic development, gene mutation and function.


  • Students should be available weekdays, weekends, and holidays (approx. 15-19 hours/week)
  • Experience working in a lab setting (includes labs for courses)
  • Works well independently as well as with others

To Apply: Please send resume and availability to Kaitlyn Robbins at

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