Spring: ESRM 435/436 Just bugging you….about Insect Ecology!

Sorry for being punny….happy last week of Winter Quarter classes! 🙂

Here’s a course that may be of interest to your students, and thank you for posting it!


ESRM 435 (14193) 3-credit lecture Tu-Th 2:30-3:50

ESRM 436 (14194) 2-credit optional lab F 11:30-1:20

Prereq: BIOL 161 (from transfer or AP) or  BIOL 180

Course description: Covers major principles of ecology as they apply to insects, and follows a level of organization from the individual to populations to communities. Applications of insect ecology are extended to insect ecosystem services, conservation, and management. The lab supplements the lecture course and provides hands-on lab and field experience on ecological principles as they pertain to insects.

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