South Africa Summer Program

On behalf of Bridge Education Abroad Institute (BEAI), I am writing to
you today to inform you about our summer programs in South Africa. Our
institute plans short programs all across the world, to provide students
with unique opportunities to experience different political cultures
while strengthening their leadership and diplomacy skills. Our programs
draw a diverse group of students together from all over the world to
discuss pressing global issues while exchange cultural values. In a
rapidly globalizing world, we believe these experiences are invaluable
to the success of students in the global job market.

For the summer of 2015, we have programs scheduled in Cape Town and
Johannesburg for the months of June, July and August. This program will
include lectures from experienced professors and guest speakers from all
over the globe, including the United States of America. A few of our
professors include:

·*Professor Dr. Paul Joseph (Tufts University, USA)-*Author and Previous
Director of the Peace and Justice Studies Program

♦PHD from UC Berkeley

♦ Previous president of the national Peace Studies Association

♦ Former Distinguished Chair for the United States-India Education
Foundation (Fulbright program)

·*Professor Dr. Solava Ibrahim (University of Cambridge, UK)*– Director
of MA in Poverty and Development a the institute for development policy
and management

♦PHD and MPhil from Cambridge

·*Service Learning Day with Educo Africa**(**Local NGO)*– Vision- Young
people understanding their roles as powerful agents of change –
actively, confidently and positively contributing towards a better
global community.

♦ Paired with 12 local South Africans for a meaningful day of service

The students will enrich their knowledge of South Africa’s history,
international politics, and economics while also enjoying travel to
famous and historic places. We also encourage students to get to know
one another and share cultural values through planned social events.

·Nelson Mandela’s Jail Cell at Robben Island

·Big 5 African Safari

·Apartheid Museum

·Visit President Nelson Mandela’s home in the Soweto’s

·NGO Service Learning day with Local South African Leaders

Please Note: We limit our South Africa programs to 12 students per
program to enhance the students learning between our professors and

Even with the summer close at hand, there are still plenty of students
still figuring out their plans for the upcoming break. We hope you will
consider recognition of our institute as an option for your students who
are looking for international opportunities. We would greatly appreciate
if you can pass the information about our program on to your students.
If you believe you have students at your university that would be
interested in this unique opportunity, please inform them to contact us
viainfo <mailto:info>

Thank you very much for your support, and to find more information about
our program, you may visit

*Benjamin Doherty*

President | Ben.Doherty
<mailto:Ben.Doherty> |+1 (941) 302-0483 <> |2750 Stickney Point
Road, Sarasota, FL 34231


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