Shark conservation & research volunteer opportunities in South Africa


We have an exciting opportunity available for students or post graduates who are looking to gain some hands on experience in the field of marine and conservation biology.

Kindly take a few minutes to read the below information regarding our educational volunteer research programme.

We would be grateful if you could forward this information to your undergraduate students at the School of Aquatic & Fisheries Science who might me interested in joining us, or kindly put us in contact with the correct person to assist with distributing the information further.

We are a fully licensed shark cage-diving tour operator recognised by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs, allowing us to undertake great white shark cage diving activities and collect research monitoring data. We care greatly about the oceans and the future thereof which is why we have invested tremendous time and effort into protecting not only the great white shark, but our environment as a whole.

Our volunteer research programme allows us to continually support innovative conservation and research projects taking place at the Shark Research Group of the University of Stellenbosch and the SA Shark Conservancy, as well as physically contribute through data collection, monitoring, and our own research projects.

Volunteering with us is a unique and exciting opportunity for early-career scientists to be involved in ground-breaking marine research exploring great white shark behavior and demographics, elasmobranch diversity and abundance, fish diversity and abundance, ocean conservation and projects involving an array of other South African marine wildlife. Volunteers will be involved in field research, data collection, data management, as well as outreach and educational programmes.

Field work involves controlled angling surveys from the boat and from shore, collection of behavioural, biological and morphometric data, tagging of sharks and fish using conventional spaghetti tags, snorkelling, shore-based transect methods, baited remote underwater video system (BRUVs) surveys and more.

There will also be a number of chances to participate in the cage diving activities, giving ample opportunities to come face to face with the magnificent great white shark in an unforgettable diving experience.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for 2016 & 2017!

We would like to encourage your students to join our programme allowing them to be trained as a marine researcher, contribute towards meaningful conservation research projects, and experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with one of the world’s most majestic ocean predators – the great white shark.


Please find attached our volunteer programme brochure for further details.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


Mary Rowlinson

White Shark Diving Company

Research and Volunteer manager

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