Sharing the struggle of Pacific Lamprey

Dear fish folks, water wonks, and river people,

I’m writing to ask for your help in bringing some attention to the conservation needs of Pacific Lamprey within your circles.

As you can imagine, Pacific lamprey are as much misunderstood as they are unknown. As they become increasingly discussed in conservation and T&E contexts, there is a tendency to confuse them with Sea Lamprey, or dismiss them as parasites or ‘trash fish’… and a risk of leaving their cultural, ecological, and evolutionary values unspoken for.

As part of a larger effort to bring public sympathy and political will to the needs of Pacific Lamprey, we’ve just released two short online films to raise awareness on:

The loss of Pacific Lamprey in waters and cultures of the Columbia Basin in collaboration with Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

YouTube Version –
High Quality Version –

The status of and threats to Pacific Lamprey in collaboration with the US Fish & Wildlife Service
YouTube Version – [youtube]

High Quality Version –

Please link to, embed, present, and otherwise share these films in your circles, communications, and outreach. This fish needs your help.

You can also find a collection of sharable, downloadable, and printable still images for use in education and outreach at: (to download images, just create a free user account).

We will be releasing a more in-depth short film on Pacific Lamprey in early 2013, while working toward a larger feature film on their ecological and cultural importance throughout the Northwest.

I welcome any feedback you have, and would be happy to help you with anything you need to share the story of Pacific Lamprey.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


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