Save the Date! Summer 2013 Faroe Islands Program Information Session


§ “It was the most satisfying and inspiring event of my life.”

§ “Best quarter of UW! Learned so much and enjoyed it all.”

-Students on Thurtle’s CHID’s Iceland Program

Program Description:
When Islands Sing: The Human and Non-Human Resonances of the Faroe Islands
Director: Phillip Thurtle

Full-term Summer 2013
Program cost: $4600
Application deadline: Feb. 15th

Includes NW and VLPA credits

Halfway between Norway and Iceland lies the tiny archipelago of the
Faroe Islands, where inhabitants speak an ancient dialect of Norse and
have carved out a unique musical tradition based on the tones and
practices of singing. This program examines the relationship between
sound, language, and landscape, looking at language as one of many
types of sonic encounters amongst all types of objects. When the waves
crash upon the shore, when Faroe Islanders talk to each other, when
the wind whistles across the rocks, and when birds mark their
territories, the islands start to sing.

§ “I learned more valuable concepts in this class than all my other
classes combined. It has completely changed my thinking.”

§ “[This class] is the vanguard of university education. Other
classes should be improved on its basis.”

Students in Thurtle’s CHID 444: Eye + Mind

Phillip Thurtle
Director, Comparative History of Ideas
Associate Professor, History
Adjunct Associate Professor, Anthropology
University of Washington

Adjunct Professor of Sociology
Carleton University

Co-editor of the book series In Vivo: The Cultural Mediations of
Biomedicine available from University of Washington Press

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