SAFS Undergrads: Changes to AFS Degree Requirements

We have recently made some changes to AFS degree requirements – we have made the chem requirement more flexible, added an applied option for one of the general bio courses, and have added one required course (for students who declared in Winter 2016 or after). All currently declared majors may take advantage of the new more flexible course offerings, regardless of when the major was declared – note that your DARS may not automatically reflect these changes so you may need to email or meet with the SAFS Undergrad Adviser to have the change applied.

Here are the new degree requirements, effective beginning in Winter Quarter 2016 (changes from previous requirements are bolded):

  1. FOUNDATION COURSES (50-55 credits):
    1. MATHEMATICS (15 credits):
      Either MATH 124 and MATH 125 or Q SCI 291 and Q SCI 292
      Q SCI 381
    2. CHEMISTRY (9-10 credits):

      Either CHEM 120 or CHEM 142
      Either CHEM 152, CHEM 220, CHEM 223, or OCEAN 295 (change adds more flexibility in course choice)

    3. BIOLOGY (15 credits):
      BIOL 180, BIOL 200, and either BIOL 220 or FISH/OCEAN/MARBIO 270 (change adds more flexibility in course choice)
    4. PHYSICS (4-5 credits):
      Either PHYS 114 or PHYS 121
    5. PHYSICAL WORLD Two of the following (7-10 credits):
      PHYS 115 or PHYS 122; PHYS 116 or PHYS 123; OCEAN 210; ATM S 211; FISH/ENVIR 330; OCEAN/ESS 230; OCEAN 285; GEOG 205; ENVIR 313/ESS 315; Other courses may be acceptable by petition – see adviser
  2. CORE (minimum 29 credits):
    1. All of the following:
      FISH 290; FISH/OCEAN/MARBIO 300; FISH 310; FISH/BIOL 311 (new career development course required for all majors declaring in Winter 2016 or later; highly recommended for majors who declared prior to Winter 2016)
    2. Minimum 15 credits from three of the following:
      FISH 312 (5cr section only); FISH 323; FISH 324 (5cr section only); FISH/BIOL 340 (5cr section only)
  3. ELECTIVES (minimum 16 credits, 4 courses): May be fulfilled with 400-level FISH courses from within SAFS:
    1. Maximum 3 credits total from:
      FISH/BIOL/OCEAN 479, FISH/FHL/MARBIO 492, FISH 498, and FISH 499
    2. Maximum 5 credits from each of:
      FISH 489 and FISH 491
    3. Excluding the following (may not be used for elective requirement):
      FISH/OCEAN 453, FISH/OCEAN/BIOL 477, and Capstone (FISH 493, 494, 495)
  4. CAPSTONE (7-13 credits): FISH 493, FISH 494, FISH 495
  5. Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA in all CORE, ELECTIVE, and CAPSTONE courses applied to the major (change to subset of courses used to calculate major GPA)
This shouldn’t be a major impact on anyone’s schedule, other than allowing more flexibility in some areas. If you have any questions about the new requirements, contact the SAFS Undergraduate Adviser.
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