SAFS in the News: The New York Times recognizes UW student policy recommendations

SAFS graduate student Eleni Petrou is featured in UW Today:

‘In 2015, a harmful algal bloom damaged ecosystems, communities and economies across the U.S. West Coast. Fisheries essential to local economies faced long-term closures to protect human health. Marine life suffered mass die-offs. Climate change makes recurrent events likely, but there is little assurance that public policy will better support our communities and environment the next time.

Seeking to protect coastal communities from these devastating impacts, an interdisciplinary team of UW students authored a policy case for lawmakers. Their case won the inaugural APRU-New York Times Asia-Pacific Case Competition, besting submissions from 31 universities across the Americas, Asia and Australasia. The entries were judged by senior university leaders and staff from The New York Times newsroom. It will be published in the international edition of The New York Times.

The winning graduate students — Kate Crosman, Leah Johnson, Eleni Petrou, and Hillary Scannell — are from units across the College of the Environment and the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance.’

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