SAFS in the News: Rare beluga data show whales dive to maximize meals

SAFS grad student Donna Hauser and SAFS faculty Kristin Laidre are featured in UW Today:

‘Children’s singer and songwriter Raffi may have brought beluga whales into popular culture with his 1980 song “Baby Beluga,” but surprisingly little is actually known about the life and ecology of these elusive marine mammals that live in some of the world’s most remote, frigid waters.

“This study gives us a benchmark of the distribution and foraging patterns for these two beluga populations,” said lead author Donna Hauser, a doctoral student in the University of Washington’s School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. “However, there still needs to be additional work to see how beluga behavior has changed in concert with changing sea ice conditions in the Arctic.”’

By Michelle Ma, UW Today
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