SAFS in the News: Preserving the Past, Helping the Future (Burke Museum)

The Burke Museum’s Fish Collection and collection manager Katherine Maslenikov are featured on the UW Home Page:

‘Join us as we go behind-the-scenes at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. See fascinating items that aren’t on display, and learn how the museum manages collections in areas from fish to fossils.

Imagine you’re a researcher studying the effects of climate change on the Pacific Northwest. You’ve read countless studies, but words can only take you so far: You want to see the change for yourself. This is where the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture comes in.

In addition to connecting the public with the past, the museum’s 16 million specimens — housed at the museum and offsite facilities — serve as a living encyclopedia for researchers. Want to learn how Alaska Native communities wove intricate baskets 200 years ago? Interested in seeing how birds adapted to warming temperatures? Find it all — and more — at the Burke.’

Read more and see the photo essay here

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