SAFS in the News: Missing fish catch data? Not necessarily a problem, new study says

UW Today and Fish and Fisheries features SAFS grad student Merrill Rudd and SAFS professor Trevor Branch:

‘Each day in fishing communities around the world, not every fish is counted. This happens in part because of illegal fishing, poor or incomplete surveys and discarded fish from commercial operations.

Recording how many fish are caught is one important requirement to measure the well-being of a fish stock — if scientists know the number of fish taken from the ocean, they can adjust management of that fishery to keep it from being overfished. Missing catch data, however, are rampant, causing concern that fisheries around the world are overfished.

A new study by University of Washington scientists finds that in many cases, this isn’t true. Specifically, misreporting caught fish doesn’t always translate to overfishing. The study was published online this month in the journal Fish and Fisheries.’

Excerpt by Michelle Ma, UW Today

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