SAFS in the News: If you care about climate change, should you order salad or seafood?

SAFS professor Ray Hilborn is featured on KUOW:

‘Climate change has been identified as a threat to fisheries all over the world, but it’s not easy to find out information about the carbon footprint of seafood. Most groups that offer consumers information about seafood “sustainability” focus on issues like fishing industry practices and regulations.

Seafood Watch, one of the leading guides, doesn’t look at the carbon footprint of the fish they rate. And the “sustainable” seafood label from the Marine Stewardship Council does not mean sustainable when it comes to carbon footprint, either.

The lack of information is one reason why University of Washington fisheries professor Ray Hilborn has been studying the carbon footprint of seafood.

Hilborn recently sat down at a Seattle seafood restaurant to give  KUOW listeners some general advice on what to order (and what to avoid) to lower your carbon footprint.’

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