SAFS in the News: Hundreds Of Dead Puffins Are Mysteriously Washing Ashore In Alaska

SAFS Professor Julia Parrish is featured on Huffington Post:

‘The puffins were not supposed to be there. Though the birds are a common sight on the Alaskan island of St. Paul, they typically fly the coop before October, heading south to overwinter.

But a few bedraggled birds had been discovered on the wind-swept, rocky shoreline of the North Pacific island during the first week of October. “It was odd because we don’t usually see them here this time of year,” said Aaron Lestenkof, who monitors the local environment as one of St. Paul’s island sentinels

Stranger still, the puffins didn’t startle and move away when people approached them. Some fell over onto their bellies, too weak to waddle.

Local conservationists began investigating the cause of the orange-beaked birds’ incapacity. Then their probe took a grim turn’

Excerpt: Dominique Mosbergen

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