SAFS in the News: Faculty Friday with Luke Tornabene

SAFS professor Luke Tornabene is profiled in the Whole U’s Faculty Friday:

‘Luke Tornabene hovers above the abyss, suspended somewhere between fathomless darkness and daylight, 800 feet above. A layer of condensation has formed on the interior of the five-person submersible—the product of warm air within the cockpit interacting with increasingly cold water without as the research vessel slips ever deeper into the dusk-colored Caribbean waters somewhere off the coast of Curacao.

On Tornabene’s first dive, a droplet from above almost sent him into a panic, but the ichthyologist now knew to expect the occasional splash of condensation as a part of the four to seven hour-long submersions to explore as-yet unstudied stretches of sloping seabed. It stood to reason perhaps that, even from within the humming confines of the state-of-the-art research sub, one couldn’t observe the biodiversity of marine life without at least getting a little wet.’

Read the whole profile here!

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