SAFS Grads: Spring Quarter 2016 Course and Registration Info

Note: If you are being paid as an RA, TA or are funded by a fellowship paid through the UW (ie. NSF), please register for at least 10 credits ASAP so that tuition charges will be removed from your student account in a timely manner. Anyone not falling into these categories is still encouraged to register promptly (at least by the first day of Spring quarter classes) to avoid late fees.
1. Register for any required courses that you still need to count towards your degree. This includes core courses and graded electives. Information about degree requirements can be found in the Grad Guide. Required AFS courses being offered this Spring quarter:

  • A 5 TEEN! FISH 511 Stable Isotopes in Ecology
2. Register for 10 research credits unless it will put you over the 18-credit maximum:
  • MS grads should register for up to 10 credits of FISH 600, depending on other coursework.
  • PhD grads should register for up to 10 credits of FISH 800, depending on other coursework.
  • If you are TAing in Spring quarter, you should still register for a minimum of 10 credits, to include research credits and any required courses you still need to take.
Remember to check out the exciting list of FISH elective courses: Here.
Are you planning to go on leave Spring quarter?
Here is the departmental policy/procedure for applying for leave (p. 12)
Please send the SAFS Grad Adviser your leave request statements BEFORE the end of WINTER QUARTER if you plan to be on leave for Spring quarter.
Milestones this Spring Quarter
Let the SAFS Grad Adviser know if you are planning to complete any milestones this upcoming spring quarter so that she can keep an eye out for your paperwork, etc.
Submitting your final thesis/dissertation
If you are planning on graduating this spring quarter, please review the graduate school guidelines for submitting your thesis/dissertation electronically. THERE IS A SIGNATURE PAGE THAT MUST BE SIGNED BY YOUR ENTIRE COMMITTEE IN INK PRIOR TO SUBMISSION OF YOUR THESIS/DISSERTATION. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET TEHSE SIGNATURES. Here is the link to the submission guidelines, be sure to read them.
If you plan to graduate this spring quarter, please check in with the SAFS Grad Adviser ASAP to double check that everything is in order for you to graduate.
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