SAFS Grads: Important Information about Autumn registration, tuition, and fees – tuition payment deadline October 16

The deadline to pay Autumn quarter student account balances (without incurring a late fee) is Friday, October 16 – please make a note of this deadline on your calendar.

If you are being paid in Autumn quarter as an RA, TA, SAFS Fellow, or other fellowship paid through the UW (ie. NSF), you must be registered for a minimum of 10 credits in order to be eligible for the appointment. Failure to register ASAP will affect your eligibility to be paid on a UW appointment.
Autumn quarter tuition payment deadline is October 16. If you are being paid as an RA, TA or are funded by a fellowship paid through the UW (ie. NSF), your tuition balance should be resolved well ahead of the deadline as we update autumn payroll – note that this will not include approximately $472 in fees, which you will need to pay by the October 16 deadline to avoid a late fee.

Those of you receiving fellowship funding and/or who have special tuition circumstances handled by the SAFS office – we are working on getting your student accounts updated and should have everything in place ahead of the tuition payment deadline. If you are receiving any financial aid (loans, non-SAFS scholarships, etc.) please let me know ASAP so that we can try to process your tuition before your financial aid posts.

If you still see a significant tuition balance on October 13 (more than the approximate $472 in student fees or other individual fees you may have incurred), please email SAFS Student Services with the following:

  • Student number
  • Amount of balance (do not include student fees such as U-Pass, IMA, S&A,FR or any voluntary deductions)
    *If you can email a pdf of your student account statement, that will help us to determine which portion of the balance needs to be addressed.
  • Student appointment (how you are being funded, ie. RA, TA, SAFS fellowship, non-UW fellowship, etc.)
  • Number of credits registered in Autumn Qtr

NOTE: Put these dates on your calendar and be sure to follow up with SAFS Student Services ahead of the noted deadlines if you have any questions or concerns. This information, along with many other important dates and deadlines, can be found here and is also prominently featured on MyUW. Failure to email us by October 13 with concerns about your tuition balance may result in a delay in tuition payment – any resulting late payment fees will be your responsibility.

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