Present a poster at the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Meeting!

Hello fish-y educators and students!

This message is intended for students and faculty interested in attending or presenting a poster at the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (ORAFS) Annual Meeting. Please forward to your networks.

Jeremy Romer, ORAFS vice-president, mentioned that many of you and/or your students are interested in submitting a poster for the upcoming Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society meeting in Bend, OR from Feb 28-Mar 3, 2017. I wanted to provide a quick guide to help walk you through how to submit a poster, and what to expect. Abstracts are due on December 9th, so this is the time to start checking off these steps!

Step 1: Prepare an abstract for your poster. This is a title, your name(s) and affiliations, and a brief paragraph explaining the purpose/content of your poster.

Examples from last year can be found here (starting on page 95):

Step 2. Submit your abstract by December 9th here:

Once abstract submission closes, you can expect to receive an email letting you know your abstract was accepted for presentation. We’ll do our best to accommodate as many posters as possible.

Step 3. Register for the meeting (discounted early registration ends January 27th):

This is really as simple as it sounds. If you are a student, I recommend registering early since you can volunteer to receive free lodging on a first-come, first-serve basis. We also have scholarships and grants available, check out for more information!

Step 4. Finalize and print your poster.

Our boards are standard 4’ x 8’, so you will have a 4’x4’ space for your poster. You can make your poster taller than 4’, but it should be no more than 4’ wide to avoid taking space away from the neighboring presenter. I like 4’ x 3’, since that leaves room below to tack any additional material.

Step 5. Attend the 2017 ORAFS meeting and bring your poster!

We’ll have a map of poster locations and there will be a poster session when you should plan to stand with your poster to answer questions and meet friendly new faces.

We welcome a diverse array of posters, from program or project ideas to completed research. We’re especially excited to broaden the content and presenters in keeping with this year’s theme. If you are concerned about whether to submit or have any questions, please contact me:

Looking forward to meeting you all in Bend!

Best fishes,




Christina A. Murphy

104 Nash Hall

Department of Fisheries & Wildlife

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR 97331

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