Post-doc in Czech Republic – anthropogenic impact on aquatic invertebrates in small water bodies

Dear all,

I am looking for a strong candidate for a postdoc funded by the AXA Research Fund, to join my group at the University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice (Budweis). This opportunity arose just recently and the deadlines are upcoming. Perhaps you know people that would be interested. Apologies for any cross-postings.

The candidate should have a strong modelling and/or quantitative background in mathematics, ecology, evolution or a related field and interest in community ecology and/or evolutionary ecology. The possibilities include studying the impact of climate change and water regime alterations on aquatic invertebrates in small water bodies at the scales from individual life histories to community dynamics, using laboratory experiments or modelling or combination of both. The topic can be modified to suit the applicant’s profile as long as it remains within the AXA Research Fund mission statement of "Phenomena that are perceived – or yet to be perceived – as hazards or threats and which must be identified and measured for frequency and impact."

Formal eligibility criteria:
– the candidate must defend his/her Ph.D. thesis before the beginning of their Post-Doctoral grant and be less than 5 years since awarding of first Ph.D. Extensions may be allowed in case of eligible, properly documented career breaks.

– ARF Post-Doc grants are not compatible with permanent academic positions.

This is an excellent opportunity to get a 1-2 year, competitively funded position with a budget of up to 60 kEUR per year. The gross salary (35
kEUR+ per year) is on a senior faculty level in the Czech Republic and
will ensure high living standards, even when coming with a family.

If interested please send me (boukal<mailto:boukal>) a brief research statement (max 2 pages), CV, list of papers and names and addresses of two referees until November 10. Informal enquiries are welcome. For more details see the attached documents and the FAQ webpage with examples of funded fellowships at

The selection process has several stages:
– selection of host institutions that will be invited to submit proposals (by November 25)
– internal pre-selection of candidates by the host institution (start November 26, end December 12)
– selected candidates submit an individual pre-proposal (deadline January 9, 2014)
– selected individual pre-proposals are invited into the final selection round

Best regards,
David Boukal

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